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Memoire- csv file

Message non luPosté: Mer 15 Aoû 2012 10:24
de Jasperdavid

I'm working on a project with the snootlab SD memoire shield, and i'm trying to log certain data continuously in to a .csv file. I need this so i can copy/paste this data into another excel file, that i'm already using to log data with another system (I already have some data from the engine of a ford fiesta, but i need some more and this is why i'm building my own logger). I have no problems using the SDanallogger example , i can write/read from the SD card. My question is if you can modify the .csv file so every dataseries is in a single column, this way it's ready for copy/pasting in the other excel file?

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Re: Memoire- csv file

Message non luPosté: Jeu 16 Aoû 2012 08:54
de fred
Let's have a look at this tutorial on blog, he introduce the main concept of SD & Arduino and go further with .csv files in his datalogging example.

May this help you.