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no display leonardo- deuligne

Message non lude scotte » Ven 15 Nov 2013 11:50

I have a Deuligne1.1, and a Leonardo
i have uploaded all of the test sketches but none work. totally blank display, no lights nothing
some simple questions:
1. Do I plug the shield directly into the leonardo, do i need to change any of the pin designations to run any of the sample sketches?
2. should i at least have backlight?

Lib structure

any help would be great, i am pretty new to arduino but not to electronics.

OK I have found the issue. shield is not directly compatible with leonardo (ie pinouts are different)

SCL on leonardo to A5 on Deuligne
SDA on Leonardo to A4 on Deuligne
A0 to A0

thanks to this post, it's all so simple but can take so many hours to find such a little problem
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