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Message non lude fred » Mer 17 Aoû 2011 17:11

How to program the Zombadge with Windows

Required tools :
  • one Arduino board (Uno, Uno CMS, Duemilanove, etc.) (shop)
  • six M/F wires (shop)
  • the "Makefile" and "Rgb.c" files of the attached archive

1/ Download the zip archive and unzip "Makefile" and "Rgb.c" files in a folder
(14.57 Kio) Téléchargé 1085 fois

2/ Program Arduino board as an ISP programmer selecting the "ArduinoISP" example (Menu File\Examples\ArduinoISP)
Then upload the sketch to the Arduino (Upload button)

Check the COM port attributed to the board (Menu Tools\Serial Port)

3/ Switch off the Zombadge and remove the battery
It's required, you may damage the battery and the circuit if the switch went to "on" when uploading.

4/ Connect the Zombadge to the Arduino as indicated on the following schema and photo below
(the ISP connector on the Zombadge as a ISP label, the dot on top right corner is a keyed)
Zombadge Trippy RGB wiring schema
SchemaCablage.jpg (43.02 Kio) Vu 10384 fois

5/ Open terminal ("command shell"), go to the folder where the files have been unzipped on step 1

6/ Edit the Makefile and modifiy line 4 ("AVRDUDE_PORT = COM16") with the COM port affected by Arduino to the board (step 2), save modification

7/ In a terminal execute "make burn-fuse" and wait for the end of the program

8/ In a terminal execute "make program-rgb" and wait for the end of the program

9/ Unplug all the wires

10/ Insert the battery in the Zombadge

More information about how to use an Arduino as ISP programmer here on the Arduino website

================ For GNU/Linux users

Be sure that the packages "make", "gcc-avr", "avrdude" and "avr-libc" are installed.

It's recommended to use an Arduino Duemilanove or an UNO rev.2 as ISP programmer.
The Uno rev.1 is know for causing troubles being used like that.
For the communication port, take a look in /var/log/messages right after you plugged the Arduino -or type dmesg in a shell-, to know how is labelled the COM port. Usually, it will be /dev/ttyUSB0 or /dev/ttyACM0.

Then the process is the same than above.
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