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Sigfox board / Witty board compatibility on Raspberry 3

Message non luPosté: Mer 25 Jan 2017 15:48
de wazabi
Hi all,

I am trying to get two components to work on the same Raspberry Pi:

1. an RPI Sigfox board:

2. a Witty 2 power management board:

They are both mounted on top of each other on my Raspberry 3.

Each board works well when tested independently. However, they have conflicting requirements:

- the sigfox board requires to disable the console on the serial port (via raspi-config). This effectively turns down the TXD gpio (which becomes 0 in gpio readall)

- the witty 2 requires the TXD pin to be pulled up (this is not mentioned in the documentation but has been mentioned by the support team)

As a consequence, I can have either one of the two boards work, but not the two at the same time.

Is there any chance I could get this to work? Is it possible to disable the console on the serial port while maintaining the TXD up?

As an alternative, the witty 2 accepts the TXD to be down for a few seconds (which I could use to send a message on sigfox) so if there is a way to disable/enable the console on serial port via software without a reboot, that could work too.

Finally, do I stand a chance to have better luck with a different Sigfox board such as this one, or is this going to be a common pattern? ... es-fr.html

Thanks for your help!