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Do I need an Akeru or an Akene ?
This post (in french) explains how to choose the right board according to your needs. Quick translation :

Laetitia a écrit:Review of the available boards :
  • Akeru : basically an Arduino Uno with a Sigfox modem. Usable as is, turnkey solution.
  • Akene : a shield with a Sigfox modem to put on your favorite Arduino. Cherry on top : a prototyping area so you can solder your final project directly on it.
  • Breakout TD1208 : the Sigfox modem with the bare minimum to run it. Reduced format allows integration in smaller spaces, all GPIO are accessible just like the other two boards.
Each product has the same Sigfox abilities and can be used :
TL;DR : if you're used to the Arduino environment, just choose whatever hardware you need to complete what you already have, install your library of choice, write a sketch, compile, and upload. You're good to go! Just don't forget to RTFM.

Our dedicated website also provides information regarding Sigfox products and projects.

Where can I find my modem's number ?
It's located on the modem soldered to the board. On the below picture it's B0B7.


Where can I find my modem's PAC number ?
Contact us by email (with the address you used for the order) so that we send it back to you.

The __________ shield doesn't work with Akeru
Make sure it doesn't use pins 4 & 5 of the Akeru. The modem's Tx and Rx are connected to these pins, therefore they cannot be used by a shield.

If your shield uses softwareSerial, you need to use Akeru.listen() before each operation with the Sigfox modem, and yourDevice.listen() when communicating with the other module. See explanations (in french).

Note : starting with version 4 of the Akeru library, Akeru.listen() disappears because SoftwareSerial is managed directly when you send AT commands. You'll still need to manage other SoftwareSerial devices (open() then listen() when starting communication, end() to finish it).
If you use an Arduino Zero, check that you're on the correct serial port (Serial1, Serial2 or Serial3), and that it's properly configured (see tutorial, in french).

My Akene doesn't work with an Arduino Zero
You need to use the ARM library, tutorial available here.

Errors while uploading sketches
If you get errors like

Code: Tout sélectionner
avrdude: stk500_paged_load(): (a) protocol error, expect=0x10, resp=0x00
avrdude: stk500_cmd(): programmer is out of sync

Maybe the Akeru is still communicating with the modem.
Try to upload a "Blink" sketch (see examples) that doesn't use any other pin than 13 (LED).
Then upload your sketch.

The Akeru doesn't reset when I plug an external power source on the (black) power jack of the board
This is not a bug. The modem has its own micro-controller and it needs to boot. If you add a 3 sec delay at the begining of the program, the modem will have enough time to boot, make internal check and be available on Rx/Tx. Then, you can start the user init process.

The coding rule is now to start with :

Code: Tout sélectionner
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include "Akeru.h"
void setup() {

void loop() {

Note : starting with version 4 of the Akeru lib, the delay is directly integrated in Akeru.begin().

You can also push the reset button on the board (reminder : when you press the reset button, you don't erase the sketch you uploaded, you simply get back to its beginning).

With this rule, the board will reset correctly when you plug it or when power supply comes back on both USB connector and 5.5/2.1 black jack connector.

I have errors in my Arduino IDE log
Errors can appear in the Arduino IDE while uploading a sketch, like :

Code: Tout sélectionner
avrdude: verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x1350
         0x09 != 0x19
avrdude: verification error; content mismatch

This doesn't mean the upload doesn't work, go check in Actoboard the last received message from the board to know if the upload failed or not.

My Akene freezes after the .begin()
RX and TX pins are inverted between Akeru and Akene, and the library is designed to work out of the box with an Akeru.
Open the file Akeru.cpp and modify the constructor :

Code: Tout sélectionner
_serial(5, 4) // replace with _serial(4, 5)

If you use Akene with an Arduino/Genuino Mega, you'll need to redirect TX from Akene towards one of the following pins on the Mega : 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 50, 51, 52, 53, A8 (62), A9 (63), A10 (64), A11 (65), A12 (66), A13 (67), A14 (68) ou A15 (69). See this post (in french) for more explanations.

Note : starting with version 4 of the Akeru lib, RX/TX are defined directly in the sketch. No more library editing to correct a wiring mistake. In the example sketches you'll find a reminder of where the RX/TX are on the Akeru, Akene and TD1208 breakout.

My Akeru/Akene is blocked and doesn't send any more messages
As written on our shop :

By choosing to use Akeru, you agree to stay within the limit of 140 messages per day. Beyond, the data is not saved; on exceeding the number of messages, a more than proportional penalty is applied for example for 10 messages too, we reduce the threshold at 120 messages per day for a week, 20 too, 100 messages per day for two weeks, etc. You will be automatically notified by email as soon as you reach 100 then 120 and finally 140 messages per day.

The Akeru library forbids more than a message per 10 minutes so that you don't have to worry about managing the quota yourself.

Modems emitting more than 1 message per 10 minutes will be penalized proportionally to the excess.
Thus it happens that we block modems when there is clear evidence of abuse.

Where can i find more information about TD1208 modem ?
Akeru boards and Akene shield embed a TD1208 TelecomDesign modem. It is compliant ETSI regulation (868MHz, 25mW).
You can find a lot of information on the dedicated website.

Sigfox network and use of Akeru/Akene in Europe
Sigfox is a unified global network. The Akeru/Akene use a SIGFOX module compliant with the ETSI regulation (868MHz, 25mW) and will work in all of the covered* european countries with no roaming costs.

(*) As of August 2015: France, Spain, United Kingdom (10 cities), Netherlands. Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg & Portugal are currently deploying. Check this website for more details (doesn't work with some browsers).

Is it possible to use Akeru/Akene v1 directly with Sigfox's backend : https://backend.sigfox.com without Actoboard.com ?
This is not possible unless you have a direct contract with Sigfox.

Always connect the antenna before powering the card (otherwise the energy normally dissipated in the antenna will be converted into heat in the modem and can destroy it).
The original antenna is available here.

Migrate Actoboard to Sigfox backend
You can migrate your device to Sigfox backend directly here : https://backend.sigfox.com/activate/snootlab.
Select your country, enter Device info and create your account and it will be done.
Mind to backup your Actoboard data before : see Datasource tab then click "Export all data as CSV" on the right panel.
This will end your connectivity and Actoboard first free year subscription you had with our product.
"If it's itchy, scratch it !" - "DIY or die"

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