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    Setting Actoboard to receive data from an Akeru/Akene/TD1208 breakout
Create an account with the invitation code 4K3RU-SN00TLAB.
In the menu on the left of the homepage, click on the middle tab Data sources and then on New data source :

new_data_source.png (3.83 Kio) Vu 5355 fois

Then select Akeru, even you have an Akene or a TD1208 breakout :

add_data_source.png (32.07 Kio) Vu 5355 fois

Then enter your personal settings :

parametres_akeru.png (12.98 Kio) Vu 5355 fois

  • Name : the name you want to give to your device
  • Modem number : self-explanatory, see FAQ if you need help finding it
  • PAC : the PAC number should have been sent to you by email, write us with the same address you used for your order if you don't have it
  • Data format : click on (i) or see the tutorial on variables (in french) if you need help
  • Forwarding URL : optional, allows data redirection towards another service via an HTTP POST request
Then click on Save.

Back on the homepage, click on the first tab Dashboards, then select New dashboard :

new_dashboard.png (3.77 Kio) Vu 5355 fois

Then select Blank dashboard to create an empty workspace :

blank_dashboard.png (11.87 Kio) Vu 5355 fois

Give it a name and click Save :

my_dashboard.png (9.4 Kio) Vu 5355 fois

Click on Add widget to create a new module to visualize your data, then on the data source you just configured :

add_widget.png (11.27 Kio) Vu 5355 fois

You can then choose the data you want to visualize on the right panel :

select_data_set.png (5.72 Kio) Vu 5355 fois

Configure your widget the way you want and have fun ! If you need more information about how to use or display the data on Actoboard, please read the documentation on the website.

    Use the Sigfox backend
With Akeru and Akene, you have a specific Actoboard dashboard. However, if you wish to use the Sigfox backend instead, you'll need to have a Sigfox Network Operator account at Sigfox (the subscription you got with your Akeru/Akene isn't transferrable or refundable when migrating to the Sigfox backend).

Warning : Sigfox only grants backend access to companies and public entities who aim to operate hundreds of connected devices.

To move the modem towards the Sigfox backend, use the PAC number we sent you by mail after your order.
Once the migration effective, you won't receive any more data in your Actoboard dashboard.

We remind you that you have the possibility to transfer data from your modem towards most websites (except the Sigfox backend to ensure data coherence - see above).