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Akeru subscription

Message non luPosté: Ven 5 Mai 2017 11:05
de masaleiro
Hi. I have an Akeru 3.3 board that was given to me at Sigfox Maker Tour in Lisbon. The Sigfox subscription has ended and on the 27th of April I bought a Akeru/Akene 1 year subscription from Snootlab. The payment has been completed and all I got was the possibility to download a PDF document with generic information. Every attempt of contacting Snootlab either via email, contact form, facebook chat resulted in not getting any answer at all from Snootlab. Has this happened to anyone around here? I really need the board connection active to make a prototype for a client and this is becoming very inconvenient.

At the moment I feel disappointed with the service and customer care. Can anyone help?

Re: Akeru subscription

Message non luPosté: Sam 20 Mai 2017 16:21
de prokium
I did the same some weeks ago: my subscription expired the 17 of may. And now, my message from the Serial/console of my prototype are sent, but they are not received on the actoboard website.
I get the same pdf as u I think and don't really know the procedure to renew my subscription.
I didn't send an email for support yet...
Normally, they reply to the messages quickly, I think our issue will be solved in a few time.

Re: Akeru subscription

Message non luPosté: Sam 20 Mai 2017 16:59
de prokium
I ve just checked. I said a mistake : that's ok in my case. Everything works fine, and i didnt do anything.