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Tune - MP3 decoder shield

Turn your Arduino into an MP3 player !

This shield is designed to play MP3 files located on an SD/SDHC card formatted FAT16/FAT32.

    Used pins ?
Tune v1.0 Top.png
Tune v1.0 Top.png (108.93 Kio) Vu 7833 fois

Used pins are identified by two white dots on the PCB.

D2, D4, D8 are used to communicate with the codec.
D10 through D13 are used by the SPI bus.

D3 is available but also connected to an IR receiver (see picture above). Said receiver can be found in our online shop.

The LED on the board indicates whether it's powered or not, but you can solder two pads and cut a trace at the back of the board to toggle it from D9, which is otherwise available.

All PWM pins are usable ;)

    Playable audio files ?
Only MP3s, but all of them ! CBR and VBR, up to 320 kbits/s.

    Audio output ?
Audio outputs on a standard stereo jack, allowing you to plug headphones or a small speaker (impedance 16 to 30 Ohms).

    Testing your Tune shield
To make sure your soldering points are well done and everything works fine, you can perform a first test, uploading the "OperationalTest" sketch included in the Tune library : it checks if read/write operations work fine and then tests audio outputs with or without MP3 file to play.

    Compatibility with other Arduino boards ?
This shield has been designed for use with an Arduino Uno. Therefore it's compatible with boards based on an ATmega328/168 (Duemilanove, Diecimila, NG...).
You can use it with an Arduino Mega but you'll need to redirect SPI bus to pins 50 through 53 (see here).
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