The Snootlab forum is open

Announcements concerning the products, the company, etc.

The Snootlab forum is open

Message non lude fred » Mar 21 Déc 2010 14:22

The Snootlab forum is open.

The product support is provided through the "PRODUCTS AND PROJECTS SUPPORT SNOOTLAB".
We encourage you to read the guides and the FAQ (frequently asked questions), to use the "Search" tool of the forum.
You can ask questions and answer questions from other members.
We encourage you to suggest improvements, suggest new features, to tell us uses you make of our products and tell us about your projects.

Sections "HARDWARE" and "SOFTWARE" allow you to exchange around topics of electronics,software, etc..

A section "INTERNATIONAL" for non-french can provide support in English.

The "CAFÉ DES SPORTS" is for everything else and especially to introduce yourself (which will give you a wider access to the features of the forum).

All the information on this forum is licenced under CC-BY-NC. You can use, share, adapt, modify the content for a non commercial use, you must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. The default credit is Snootlab.

Thank you for joining our community.
The Snootlab team.
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