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The FAQ of 2G/3G & GSM AirPi shield for Raspberry-pi

Drivers and documentation of modem SL8082T
Sierra Wireless's Source website offers a lot of information about the AirPi's SL8082T modem. A simple email registration is required.

This is where you'll find the latest drivers.

Caution while updating the firmware
Firmware updates for the SL8082T require stopping and deleting the OpenAT machine of the modem before the actual update. This OpenAT machine can be reactivated after the operation.

Every AirPi board is controlled and updated to version 7.52 before expedition.

If you try this by yourself, without the help of our tutorial (incoming), the modem will be bricked ! You'll need to send the board back to us at your own expense so we take care of it.

AirPi v0.9 manual here :
User Manual AirPi v0.9 - English
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