[EN] The guide

Aide, exemples, et projets à base de Foquinha-Pi le shield pour la connectivité Sigfox sur Raspberry-Pi

[EN] The guide

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      How to use the Foquinha-Pi

  • Plug the Foquinha-Pi on a Rapsberry Pi 2 or a newer one.
  • Plug the antenna, either directly on the SMA connector, or on the UFL connector through the provided extension cable.
  • Turn on your Rapsberry Pi and fetch the script on Github.
  • Execute the script with the following command :

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    $ sudo python foquinha.py

  • Available options will be displayed, choose the one that suits your needs and execute the corresponding command (you can choose multiple options at the same time)

The script's help is pretty self-explanatory, so I'll just put here a reminder of the different options :

-q,--quiet : Quiet mode.
-D,--device : Serial device (default=/dev/ttyAMA0).
-m,--message=msg : Send a message.
-v,--supply-voltage : Return supply voltage.
-t,--temperature : Return temperature.
-i,--identity : Return modem ID.
-H,--hardware-version : Return hardware version.
-S,--software-version : Return software version.
-h,--help : This help.

Return supply voltage, temperature et software version with :
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./foquinha.py -v -t -S

Send a message (max 12 bytes) in hexa :
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./foquinha.py -m "65 66 68"

Note : commands -D and -m require an argument !
  • If you use -D without the Foquinha-Pi's serial port number, nothing special will happen (the help will be displayed again).
  • If you use -m without the message to be sent on the Sigfox network, an error message will be displayed.

Sometimes a command might not work (timeout), you just have to execute the command a few seconds later to get the desired result.
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